Like her Greek countrymate (and regular colleague), The Lobster chief Yorgos Lanthimos, Athina Rachel Tsangari is a whimsical social comedian, and her most recent plays like an inverse sides-of-the-sex coin friend piece to 2010’s Attenberg. Here, Tsangari’s concentration is a gathering of men on a remote ocean angling trip who conclude that they’ll breathe easy by playing an intricate “amusement” to figure out which of them is “The Best in General.” To make sense of who merits that grandiose title, these narcissistic people begin judging each other in each possible way. That, thusly, drives them to carry on in progressively focused routes, all of which Tsangari portrays with a cool separation that exclusive further elevates the scorching craziness of their crazy choices and activities. Deriding the macho male mind with sharp perceptions about manly animosity and inner self, it brags a lifeless mind highlighted by cinematography that places a premium on helter-skelter symbolism.