Kaili Blues

A melodious import about the roundabout relationship between the present and the past, Kaili Blues proclaims an energizing new filmmaking voice in introduction chief Bi Gan. In this frightful, curved story, a doctor goes to the place where he grew up to save his nephew, who’s been unceremoniously dropped there by his offensive card shark father. Gan sets up this story in a diagonal form, brimming with unpretentious suggestions and casual ramifications. Once the procedures move to the hero’s provincial youth stepping ground, the chief catches his activity through a 41-minute handheld single-take that is stunning in its formal skill. This visit de-drive grouping, in which various characters and connections are presented and created, is effectively receptive to its subjects’ uneasy conditions, even as it reluctantly points out itself (through swaying and weaving developments that propose the executive’s own simply off-camera nearness). The outcome is an exceptionally hypnotizing picture of individuals got in a limbo between what preceded what’s still to come.